About Us:

YuleLoveIt is a website that benefits on it's visitors downloading images for pleasure. People around the country have donated their time to put the site together for the pure enjoyment of reading kind emails thanking YuleLoveIt for putting in the time and effort to bring free graphics to the mass public, while we ask for nothing in return.

This site is by the people that enjoy Christmas and would like to give something back to the Internet Community as a whole. All images and files have been gathered from countless emails from fine people like yourself. If you would like to send any pictures or files please send an email to webmaster (At) yuleloveit.com and please read our Disclaimer.

From all of us at YuleLoveIt we appreciate you visiting our site. As you know YuleLoveIt is a nonprofit organization that brings free Christmas graphics to the mass public. The time, energy, effort and images might be free, but the web space, hosting and bandwidth are not.

Thank you again for visiting YuleLoveIt and please help keep YuleLoveIt free! Merry Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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